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Faculty and Its Development Programme

We boast of our committed & dedicated staff members who leave no stone unturned to maximize student’s performance at all levels.

It is possible due to the creation of a teaching Environment which is,

    A receptive and supportive environment for learning,
    Based on instructional process catering to the individual needs of each child
    An integration of different teaching methodologies & strategies for better understanding based on alternate ways of learning: playing games, sensory education, group learning and physical participation.



    To develop the effective learning environment incoherence to the current trends in the field of education, teachers need to have and continuously develop the following personal qualities and competencies.

      An attitude of acceptance, which enables each child to feel valued, i.e. empathetic attitude.
      Competence in observing both verbal and non-verbal behaviour and an ability to assess the child based on these observations and responds appropriately.
      Ability to use a variety of instructional methods, and is skillful in setting specific objectives, asking questions and assessing children’s progress.
      Resourcefulness i.e. to recognize the "teachable moments” and involving the school community.
      Broad view of the learning process and capitalization on the children’s interests and experiences.
      Sensitivity to children’s needs, in order to develop a sense of self-worth and competence amongst them which later helps students in meeting appropriate challenges.
      Comfortable in the integration of ICT in Teaching- learning process and other areas of the work.

      To develop the competency amongst the teachers:

        Areas of training or development are identified.
        Continuous and comprehensive ICT training programmes are scheduled depending on the updation of the ICT infrastructure at the school campus.
        Library Reference slots provide plethora of opportunities to teachers to add on their qualifications, teaching – learning and other related skills.


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