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Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.

The Music Club is an association founded for the promotion of music amongst the younger generation. Music, derived from the French word ‘musique’, encompasses the eras that were forgotten till the time we shall never reach. Sounds of the Sitar to the Electric Guitar, stretching from Mozart to Pink Floyd, all, attribute to the essence of music. For long, people have lived void or in complete ignorance of the one of the greatest pleasures of our existence, music. Hence, we wish to bring music to the limelight in the school so that hidden talents may be revealed and the ignorant may develop a newfound respect for music. It is said that merely aiming is not enough, hitting the target is what one must do. Our target is not far away and we are moving towards it presto (extremely fast). We need magic, and bliss, power, and myth, celebration and religion in our lives, and music is the easiest way to encapsulate all of it


Objectives of Music Club:

To motivate the students to be creative.
Students will gain skills in basic keyboard techniques.
Students will gain skills and learn representative repertoire in a specific musical performance medium.

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